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Terms and Conditions

Before entering into membership with Space Lettings & Sales Ltd please read the following carefully:

This is a contract for services, the information you have provided forms part of this contract and our fees are based on the number of people and type of accommodation indicated. If you wish to upgrade the accommodation to a larger property or include another person or people to this contract, it will be subject to additional fees.   In consideration for your fee Space Lettings & Sales Ltd agrees to:

  • Contact landlords or their representatives on your behalf
  • Make appointments at your convenience to view properties within your stated budget.
  • This service will be provided for three months.
  • Once you have been accommodated this contract is no longer valid.
  • The fee is non-refundable.
  • Please provide your membership number when contacting us. Without the membership number it will not be possible to access your file and make appointments for you.
  • It is your responsibility to contact us by phone or email or text message with your availability on the days you are available.
  • For weekend viewings, please contact us before 12pm on the preceding Friday.
  • Please contact us each morning of each day you are able to view properties and let us know your times of availability before 12pm.
  • If you do not contact us we will assume that you are not available to view properties and we will not make any appointments for you.
  • Rent and deposits are paid directly to landlords and we do not take any responsibility for any money you pay to a third party.

The membership paid for is strictly for the sole use of those named on this contract and is not transferrable and voidable if misused.

I acknowledge that I have read the Terms and Conditions above and I am interested in viewing at least one of the properties on the site. I agree to retain Space Lettings and Sales to make appointments on my behalf on the above terms.

£79 for one person living in a room, bedsit, semi-studio, studio or one bedroom flat.
£99 for two people living in a room, bedsit, semi-studio, studio flat or 1 bedroom flat.

£158 for one or two people living in a two bedroom flat.

£178 for three people living in a two bedroom flat

£198 for four people living in a two bedroom flat. Please add an additional £45 per person for each additional person for properties larger than a two bedroom flat with more than four people living in it.